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Update log

Fixed data loading from CPU-Z and creation of custom informer.

New fields: 3DMark Sky Diver and API Overhead benchmarks, Power consumption, Fans inside, 7 and 8 RAM Slots.

Site supports HTTPS and HTTP/2 now (can be switched from the page footer).

All interface elements were updated, as a result, profile settings page loading time was reduced (not in IE/Edge though). Animations became smoother.

CPU-Z data retrieving function uses validation too now.

CPU cache frequency was added.

Fire Strike Ultra test from 3DMark13 was added.
Fixed a problem with displaying configuration archives, if there are more than one.

Complete website redesign!

Most of the functionality is still the same, but there are several important changes:
  • Previous configuration archives are not compatible with new site engine anymore, so they were removed (archived data is still there in HTML format, you can send a request to admin if you want to have it).
  • Old rating system was abolished, position in Top 10 is now determined by the number of Google +1, Facebook and Vkontakte likes and tweets that contain your profile link.
  • Site requires latest browser versions to work properly, more details can be found on the feedback page.

3DMark 2013 benchmark was added.

SLI/Crossfire icon is displayed on informers.

New function to create archives of current configurations (max 10 per every conf).
Page with archives can be opened by clicking on icon to the right of configuration select menu Archive
Subsequent changes cannot be made to the archived configuration.

Service was fully translated into english, domain for russian version is, for english -
All links on them are identical.

Profile search now available (in Hardware, Network and Soft sections). Icons
  appeared next to some profile fields to find their content in other users' profiles.

Quick Manual was added.

Own informer constructor can be found in "Informers" section.

Now SysProfile supports up to 5 configurations per account. Account › Configuration Count
Created configurations are not deleted when their count is decreased, only become hidden in all dropdown boxes.

Field Hardware › CPU › CPU-Z validation was added.


All fields are mandatory, length of each field is from 3 to 64 characters.

Limit displayed name to 10 characters for informers.

You don't need to confirm e-mail, but it must exist to recover forgotten pasword.
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