Quick Manual

Account settings

Service allows up to 5 configurations per account.
You can set their count by clicking "Account" in the main menu (while logged in). Created configurations are not removed when their count is decreased, but they can no longer be viewed or edited.

Filling the profile

Use dropdown list in header to switch between configurations.

Activate "Show in profile" checkbox to make section visible to everyone.

Empty fields in profile settings display an example of a data expected. It's better to specify fan or waterblock model name and not just a cooling type in "Cooling" fields.

Icons and indicate that some fields in this section can be filled with data from external programs.
These fields are highlighted when mouse hovers over the icons. Click on icon to display data import interface and instructions.

Profile view

Profile owner can collapse photos and gallery blocks, but every visitor can also force them to collapse. Such display mode is called Compact and it also has smaller fonts and less spacing between lines. Switching between Compact and Normal modes can be done by clicking on icon with arrow on a profile page.

Search in profiles

Available in Hardware, Network and Soft sections.
To allow fast search in other users' profiles some profile fields have a special icon next to them  

All fields are mandatory, length of each field is from 3 to 64 characters.

Limit displayed name to 10 characters for informers.

You don't need to confirm e-mail, but it must exist to recover forgotten pasword.
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